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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have a DVD with files from a DVR that we are not able to play on our computer. What should we do?

A: Initially you should request the people who supplied the DVD what the make and model of the DVR are, were the files the same as the source files from the DVR and does the manufacturer of the DVR offer a file which is a player for files extracted from this unit. If these questions yield no assistance, you will either have to search the internet for a codec to play the files though other computer programs or call a third party expert for assistance.

Q: How can we tell if the files we have been provided from a DVR are the original files extracted from the unit?

A: Commonly files presented from a DVR to third parties are not the original files. The general public does not normally possess the expertise to utilize source files from a DVR. You will only be able to get the proper original files with assistance from an expert who can verify that the files are truly the source files and can extract the full content from these files. Most DVRs contain the capability of recording far more information that just the visual or audio data. Most DVRs encode additional data regarding issues, which are varied and potentially the real issue. DVRs may log information related to GPS, on-off states for recording status and other unique data.

Q: Why are my detailed settlement videos not of maximum value?

A: Details and length of videos do not make a guaranteed effective video. Stephen Spielberg didn’t learn to make his documentaries overnight. Keep your video on point – brevity often beats the big hammer. Focus, Focus, Focus …