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Accident Reconstruction

MMCC Forensic specializes in accident reconstructions using expert witness material to present exhibits in a timely manner that are clear and communicate your message. We created one of the first animated murder reconstructions used in Louisiana for the prosecution in a capital murder case in 1992. Since that time we have created presentations accepted in local, state and federal courtrooms.

Our reconstruction work is often the result of affiliate projects with engineers and other experts in the specific field required by any given project. MMCC has completed projects in the area of motorcycle, 18-wheeler, automobile, train and numerous combinations of vehicles. Reconstructions completed range from animations of historical events to multi-camera reenactments of historical events.
Additional information is available upon request. Please call Marion Marks for specifics or quotes on projects. Our staff is also available for location documentation on a 24-hour call basis. We are prepared for rapid response with equipment to document with still and video from multiple perspectives including portable mobile 1-man crane mounted cameras to a height of 20+ feet. Additional equipment can also be made available as needed.